Registration Types

You can register with us as an NHS patient or a private patient. As a private patient you can either decide you want to pay as you go or sign up to a payment plan for a fixed monthly fee. NHS patients can still choose to pay for private options as an alternative to NHS options or where certain treatments are not available on the NHS.

NHS Fees

NHS fees are fixed and set by the NHS so they are standardised throughout all practices in Scotland. Certain groups are entitled to free NHS treatment. Please ask us for more information if you think you may be entitled to free treatment.

Private Fees

These are the prices for paying for the individual private treatments when not signed up to a plan.

Cosmetic consultation: from £60

White/tooth coloured filling: £60-£180 depending on size

Zoom tooth whitening: £340

Porcelain veneer: £360

Inlay/onlay (tooth coloured): £370

Crown (all porcelain tooth coloured zirconia): £390

Crown (all porcelain E-Max) : £515

Sports mouthguard: £90-£100 depending on design

Anti snoring device: £360

Bridge (all porcelain tooth coloured zirconia): from £750

Upper & lower full set of cosmetic acrylic dentures: from £710

Cobalt chrome metal denture: from £590

Flexible denture: from £505

Air polishing: £30-£120 (depending on length of time)

Inman Aligner teeth straightening: from £1488

Payment Plan 

Our payment plans are run by Denplan from Simplyhealth Professionals. Denplan was set up in 1986 and is the leading dental payment plan specialist  in the UK.