COVID-19 Latest Update

As of January 2021 and the new lockdown rules in Scotland we are still allowed to remain open and provide all routine care for patients, not just emergencies. Patients are also allowed to travel for appointments at our practice
From the 1st of November 2020 we are no allowed to offer all NHS routine care and treatment again. This was announced to the general public via STV on Monday 12th October before dentists were informed of the Government's plan. The Government's final plan was only confirmed to the practice on Tuesday 27th October by way of an email from the Health Board.
We, as an NHS committed practice, will be following the Government's new plan and will be able to offer these procedures again. (Please read the next paragraph though)
***The major issue is that the Government is allowing a dentist to see 10 NHS patients per day. We have had to cancel over 3000 appointments since March so have a monumental backlog of checkups and treatment to work through. This is the same for all practices in Scotland. Some of these 10 NHS patients allowed daily will be for emergencies or for patients with problems. This leaves only a handful of patients to be able to be seen each day for routine checkups.
We also have to leave each surgery empty for 25 minutes after each Aerosol Generating Procedure (AGP) then a deep clean has to be carried out. This severely affects our available chairside time.
We will be in touch with you if you have had an appointment cancelled since March to try and remake it. This is a mammoth task so will take months/years so please do not expect a call straight away. We will be starting at the beginning of our list of cancellations since March. Please do not phone us to check as we could potentially be swamped with calls.
Private dentistry is not restricted in the same way by the Government. This means that we can see in excess of 10 patients a day if patients are happy to be seen privately. This is dependant on us having free surgery time though. If you would like more information about being seen privately, even for a one off, you are best to email the practice on:
Please bear with us and understand that we will do our best to work through this backlog. We still have emergency slots available daily so if you have any pain or problems please do not hesitate to get in touch.
Thank you to all our amazing patients who have been very understanding of the restrictions that we are having to operate under. Your continued support is greatly appreciated.



COVID-19 Extra Precautions

•Only patients with appointments will be allowed to enter the building.
•If you have any of the COVID-19 symptoms in the run up to your appointment you are to phone the practice to let us know.
•Please turn up at the exact time of your appointment.
•Please attend on your own unless you need a carer or are attending with a child for their appointment.
•Please go to the toilet at home before you attend as the health board have recommended toilets are not allowed to be used by patients.
•Face coverings or masks must be worn when attending the practice.
•You will be asked if you have any COVID symptoms.
•You will be asked to use alcohol hand gel as soon as you enter.
•You will normally be taken straight into the surgery for your appointment.

In the meantime, as before, if you have a dental emergency or need advice please phone us Monday to Friday between 8:30am and 5pm or outwith these hours please phone 111.

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